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Who We Are


Welcome to the official homepage of the Community Empowerment Lab. We are a community-entrenched global health research and innovation organization based in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India.


Creating a world where every human is a greater possibility.


We will keep innovating better ways to ensure that more and more newborns and mothers survive and thrive.


  • T - Thinking win-win-win
  • H - Humanitarian service
  • R - Research for Impact
  • I - Innovation
  • V - Virtue at every step
  • E - Excellence in organizational outcomes

Our Origins

The seed of the organisation was sown in 2003 when Dr. Vishwajeet Kumar returned from the US to the state of Uttar Pradesh in India with the highest burden of newborn deaths, to focus on designing solutions for improving newborn survival. Dr. Vishwajeet Kumar, a physician and epidemiologist by training, former faculty at the Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA and a villager at heart and Ms. Aarti Kumar, an engineer and bioinformaticist by training who returned from Singapore to contribute to nation-building co-founded CEL in 2011. CEL is a mission-focused organization and makes scientific contributions - in terms of evidence and innovations - towards improving the survival and thrival of mothers and babies. CEL is now an ICMR Collaborating Centre of Excellence and an ICMR Centre for Advanced Research in Maternal & Newborn Health. CEL is also recognised by the Government of India’s Department of Scientific & Industrial Research as a Scientific & Industrial Research Organization (SIRO)

Our Senior Leadership

Our Research Execution Council